Comment utiliser le perilla ?

Comment utiliser le perilla ?

Comment utiliser le perilla ?

Comment utiliser le perilla ?

Très utilisée dans la cuisine asiatique, notamment japonaise, où elle est considérée comme un légume vert, la périlla parfume plats et desserts. Sa saveur, difficilement définissable, comporte des notes de basilic, de poivre, de mélisse et de cannelle, et donne une sensation astringente.

Are perilla leaves good for You?

  • Both the leaves and the seeds have many good-for-you nutrients, including protein, fatty acids, and disease-fighting antioxidants. Perilla seed oil is also a healthy cooking oil, commonly used in Korean cuisine . You can use it to sauté vegetables, in salad dressings, or in other low-temperature cooking settings.

Is Magilla perilla an annual or perennial?

  • Perilla ‘Magilla’ is a frost tender bushy perennial that tends to be grown as an annual. It has wonderful vibrant variegated leaves, the most common variety ‘Purple’ burgundy and bright pink but there is also a variety ‘Vanilla’ that has green leaves with cream centres.

Is perilla mint toxic to humans?

  • Perilla Mint causes respiratory distress syndrome (panting disease). The plant contains ketones that cause lung inflammation and impair the exchange of gases involving in breathing. The flowers are the most dangerous, but the entire plant is toxic, even when baled into hay. The greatest risk comes when the goat consumes the live plant.

Is perilla invasive?

  • The genus name Perilla is also a frequently employed common name (« perilla« ), applicable to all varieties. Perilla varieties are cross-fertile and intra-specific hybridization occurs naturally. Some varieties are considered invasive.

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