Quel âge a Catherine Ringer des Rita Mitsouko ?

Quel âge a Catherine Ringer des Rita Mitsouko ?

Quel âge a Catherine Ringer des Rita Mitsouko ?

Quel âge a Catherine Ringer des Rita Mitsouko ?

64 ans (18 octobre 1957)
Catherine Ringer/Âge

Qui était le partenaire de Catherine Ringer ?

Catherine Ringer, née le 18 octobre 1957 à Suresnes, est une chanteuse et multi-instrumentiste de rock française….Catherine Ringer.

Naissance 18 octobre 1957 Suresnes
Période d’activité Depuis 1975
Père Sam Ringer
Conjoint Frédéric Chichin
Enfants Ginger Romàn Raoul Chichin (d) Simone Ringer (d)

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Quel âge a les Rita Mitsouko ?

Avec ce premier album sous son nom, la chanteuse de 53 ans dit qu’elle est entrée dans le « troisième âge« , celui où elle se retrouve seule aux commandes.

Who are Les Rita Mitsouko?

  • Les Rita Mitsouko came together in the Spring of 1979 and debuted with Ringer on the organ and Chichin on guitar, while everything else was prerecorded. They performed around Europe, playing several clubs and bars until finally playing under the name les Rita Mitsouko for the first time in November of 1980.

How many albums has Rita Mitsouko released?

  • Ringer toured under her own name following his death. The discography of Les Rita Mitsouko, the French pop-rock duo, consists of seven studio albums, two compilations, one remix album, three live albums, two extended plays, twenty-seven singles, one video and twelve music videos. « Y’a D’la Haine! »

Where did the name Rita Mitsouko come from?

  • The duet has stated that the name « Rita Mitsouko » originated from the combination of Catherine Ringer’s childhood friend and the name of a meal they enjoyed in a local Japanese restaurant soon after they met.
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What is the meaning of the name Mitsouko?

  • Mitsouko is the French spelling of the Japanese first name Mitsuko, and is also the name of a perfume by Guerlain. The group originally went by the name « Rita Mitsouko » but in 1985 « Les » was added when they realized that many people believed the name of the group was that of the singer.

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