Quel âge a l’iPhone XS ?

Quel âge a l’iPhone XS ?

Quel âge a l'iPhone XS ?

Quel âge a l’iPhone XS ?

iPhone XS

Présentation 12 septembre 2018
Commercialisation 21 septembre 2018
Fin de production 10 septembre 2019
Écran Écran OLED Super Retina HD 3D Touch, HDR, 5,8″ 24 tactile multi-touch

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Is the iPhone XS faster than the iPhone XR?

  • W hen it comes to cellular performance, the iPhone XS and XS Max are significantly faster than the lower-priced iPhone XR. All three devices feature the same Intel XMM7560 modem, but the two OLED handsets have additional antenna branches. In other words, the iPhone XS and XS Max are 4×4 MIMO devices, while the iPhone XR is a 2×2 MIMO phone.

Does the iPhone XS have wireless charging?

  • Apple suggests iPhone Xs supports faster wireless charging, but details are unclear. The iPhone X and iPhone 8 were the first iPhones to support wireless charging. The devices launched with support for 5W wireless charging, with a later iOS update bringing support for 7.5W.

Are iPhone X and XS the same size?

  • The biggest screen sits in the iPhone XS Max which measures 6.5″, closely followed by the iPhone XR with 6.1″ and the iPhone XS has the same size screen as the iPhone X sitting at 5.8″.

What does iPhone XS stand for?

  • First, let me explain to you what the IP68 certification of the iPhone XS stands for. The IP in the ‘IP68′ stands for Ingress Protection, while the ’68’ refers to the level of protection. IP68 is the highest level of certification that a consumer device can get.

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