Quel est le record de Kevin Mayer ?

Quel est le record de Kevin Mayer ?

Quel est le record de Kevin Mayer ?

Quel est le record de Kevin Mayer ?

Auteur d’un bon concours à la perche dans la matinée, Mayer a réalisé une performance XXL lors du lancer du javelot. Sur sa deuxième tentative, le champion du monde 2017 a envoyé son javelot à 73,09 mètres, pulvérisant son record personnel qui était de 71,90 m (réalisé en 2018).

Quel est la profession de Kevin Mayer ?

Athlète d’athlétisme
Kevin Mayer/Professions

What is Kevin Mayer known for?

  • Kevin Mayer at the 2018 World Indoor Championships. Kevin Mayer (French: [kevin majɛʁ], [mejɛʁ] or [majœr], born 10 February 1992) is a French athlete. He is the world champion (2017), Olympic silver medalist (2016 Rio de Janeiro) and world record holder in the Decathlon.

Who won the decathlon in Montpellier?

  • On 15 April, he had his first outdoor competition at a triathlon (200m, high jump, discus throw) in L’Étang-Salé, Réunion. Mayer won all three events, finishing in first place with 2642 points. Back in Europe, Mayer took part in his first decathlon of the year in his adopted hometown of Montpellier on 13–14 May.

Where did Mayer Mayer do his first heptathlon?

  • His first heptathlon was at the French Elite Indoor Championships in Bordeaux (organized by the French Athletics Federation) on 18–19 February. While Mayer didn’t get marks in the long jump, he finished in first place in the other five events in participated in.

What happened to Christian Mayer?

  • At the 2013 European Cup Combined Events he topped the podium and set personal bests in the 100 metres (11.04 sec), long jump (7.63 m), shot put (14.95 m) and the discus throw (44.89 m). On 12 August 2015, Mayer announced his withdrawal from the 2015 World Championships because of a hamstring injury sustained in the end of July 2015.
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