Quel salaire pour catégorie C ?

Quel salaire pour catégorie C ?

Quel salaire pour catégorie C ?

Quel salaire pour catégorie C ?

1 593,25 €
Concrètement, un agent de catégorie C en début de grille indiciaire touchera 37 € de plus par mois à compter du 1er octobre 2021. Le minimum de traitement est fixé à l’indice majoré 340, correspondant à l’indice brut 367, soit 1 593,25 € brut mensuel pour un temps plein.

What is the meaning of cadre in business?

  • Definition of cadre. 1. : a nucleus or core group especially of trained personnel able to assume control and to train others; broadly. : a group of people having some unifying relationship. a cadre of lawyers. a cadre of technicians.

What are the benefits of using cadre for real estate investment?

  • Cadre members benefit from our rigorous technology-driven, experience-led investment selection process with greater transparency and low fees. about our platform. Real estate is a critical part of a sound investment portfolio. A key tenet for building a sound investment portfolio is diversification.

What are cadre's assumptions about the performance of its investments?

  • Assumes that the Cadre investments and competing vehicles achieve the same assumed gross return (14.6%) over equal hold periods – these assumptions are for illustrative purposes only and no conclusion of any type or kind should be drawn regarding the future performance of investments offered or managed by Cadre based upon these assumptions.

What is the difference between cadre and competing firms' fees?

  • Cadre offers lower fees than what would be charged relative to competing firms’ fees applied to our investments.1 We cut out the « double layer » of promote that other institutions may charge. Cadre is a radical departure from the industry norm of opacity.
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