Quel site fiable pour location vacances ?

Quel site fiable pour location vacances ?

Quel site fiable pour location vacances ?

Quel site fiable pour location vacances ?

Les 7 meilleurs sites où poster votre annonce de location de vacances en 2021

  • HomeAway.
  • Tripadvisor.
  • Booking.com.
  • Airbnb.
  • Atraveo.
  • Expedia.
  • Homerez.

Comment fonctionne HomeToGo ?

HomeToGo est un méta-moteur de recherche pour des locations de vacances, proposées par plusieurs sites de réservation en ligne partenaires. Notre moteur de recherche compare en quelques secondes l’ensemble des offres desdits partenaires et vous les propose selon des critères de classement définis ci-dessous.

Is there a booking like this on HomeToGo?

  • According to the rentor there is no booking like this on our property. We have talked via phone with the rentor and even confirmed this in person. There is no booking. I have already paid for my accomodation! However hometogo did not fill their part. This is a huge discrepancy on our side!

Does athometogo own and rent these accommodations?

  • HomeToGo does not own and rent these accommodations itself. We are not the final contractor. If there was a transmission error on the technical side of our partner, we would like to politely apologize for the inconvenience, also on behalf of your contractual partner. Of course, something like this should not happen.

What benefits do I get with Avis preferred?

  • In addition to your Avis Preferred benefits you’ll also enjoy: Automatic single car class upgrade whenever it’s available Personalized profile to track your benefits on avis.com Accelerate your rewards by opting into Avis Preferred Points. Special number for reservations and customer service support

How do I find a vacation rental on HomeToGo?

  • Once you enter your destination, hometogo.com will show you the available listings. They work with more than 250 providers, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a place either in another country or right nearby. Find exactly the vacation rental you’re looking for by searching up the place you plan to stay.
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