What does discrete mean?

What does discrete mean?

What does discrete mean?

What does discrete mean?

Full Definition of discrete 1 : constituting a separate entity : individually distinct several discrete sections. 2a : consisting of distinct or unconnected elements : noncontinuous. b : taking on or having a finite or countably infinite number of values discrete probabilities a discrete random variable.

Does discrete mean secret?

Learn English Free Discreet is an adjective. It means to be careful or modest, not to cause embarrassment or attract too much attention, especially by keeping something secret. For example: To work for the royal family you have to be very discreet. … Discrete is an adjective.


What’s the difference between discreet and discrete?

Discrete means « separate, » while discreet means « unobtrusive. » Both words have the same etymology coming from the Latin discretus which means « to keep separate » or « to discern. » An easy trick to tell them apart is to remember is that the « e’s » are separated by the « t » in « discrete. »

What’s the synonym of discrete?

separate, distinct, individual, detached, unattached, disconnected, discontinuous, disjunct, disjoined.

What is an example of discreet?

The definition of discreet is someone or something that is careful about their behavior or keeps secrets. An example of discreet is the policy of a hair salon that won’t tell who their famous clients are.

What is the example of discrete?

Discrete variables are countable in a finite amount of time. For example, you can count the change in your pocket. You can count the money in your bank account. You could also count the amount of money in everyone’s bank accounts.

What is discrete relationship?

A discrete function is a function with distinct and separate values. This means that the values of the functions are not connected with each other. For example, a discrete function can equal 1 or 2 but not 1.5. … A continuous function always connects all its values while a discrete function has separations.

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How do you use discrete?

Using Discrete in a Sentence

  1. The book is unusual in that it is separated into several discrete parts, which are totally unconnected.
  2. The mechanical device consists of a few different discrete parts which all work together to perform a function.

Which part of speech is discreet?

DISCREET (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What’s the opposite of discretely?

What is the opposite of discreetly?

carelessly incautiously
imprudently precipitously
rashly recklessly
speedily thoughtlessly
daringly excitedly

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