What does T-Cross mean?

What does T-Cross mean?

What does T-Cross mean?

What does T-Cross mean?

The T-Cross was essentially designed as a larger Polo; a new addition to VW’s sport utility vehicle (SUV) fleet to capitalise on the global trend towards bigger cars. … Nor is it any more powerful — the Polo and the T-Cross have the same 1.0 TSI 85 kW engine (VW does intend to offer bigger blocks in 2020).

What is the T-Cross called?

Volkswagen T-Cross

Volkswagen T-Cross (C11)
Manufacturer Volkswagen
Also called Volkswagen Tacqua (China, FAW-VW) Volkswagen Taigun (India)
Production December 2018 – present

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What’s the difference between T ROC and T-Cross?

What’s the difference between the T-Roc and the T-Cross? The T-Roc and T-Cross are both small SUVs built by Volkswagen, but the T-Roc is slightly larger and comes with less boxy styling. You can think of the T-Roc as a VW Golf-sized SUV, while the T-Cross is more on par with the smaller Polo hatchback.

Is T-Cross a good car?

The T-Cross offers solid value, good safety, and handy fuel-efficiency. It’s also comfortable, practical, space efficient and ownership costs measure up well. But, it’s by no means a sporty drive, the little three-cylinder engine focused on sipping fuel rather than compelling performance.

Is the T-Cross 4×4?

On the road it’s a lot of fun Long gone are the days of the wallowing 4×4 – the T-Cross drives with a little more verve. … Out on the open road it’s an assured drive – and impressive given that underneath all that orange the T-Cross houses just a 1-litre petrol engine.

What is Volkswagen smallest SUV?

But that’s finally changing with the introduction of the 2022 Taos. Smaller than a Tiguan, the Taos is aimed at folks who want a compact vehicle with lots of space inside, all for an affordable price. The Taos measures 175.8 inches long, which is 9.3 inches shorter than the Tiguan.

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What’s bigger T-ROC or Tiguan?

Against the tape measure, the T-Roc is 4,234mm long, making it 252mm shorter than the Tiguan – the next model up in Volkswagen’s SUV line-up. It’s actually slightly shorter than a Golf too, though only by a whisker. With a width of 1,819mm and a height of 1,573mm, it’s wider and taller than the hatchback.

What is the best small SUV in the UK?

Top 10 best small SUVs 2021

  1. Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover has seized the critical lead of the most important market segment in which it now plays with the second-generation Range Rover Evoque. …
  2. Volvo XC40. …
  3. Mazda CX-5. …
  4. Hyundai Tucson. …
  5. Nissan Qashqai. …
  6. Volkswagen Tiguan. …
  7. Ford Kuga. …
  8. Skoda Enyaq.

Which is bigger T-Cross or Tiguan?

It’s based on the Polo city car, and isn’t much bigger in terms of nose-to-tail length (T-Cross: 4108mm; Polo: 4053mm). However the T-Cross is a taller, boxier design, and that means added practicality.

How much does a VW T-Cross cost?

Monthly Installments

Model Purchase price Projected instalments
Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0TSI 70kW Comfortline R-Line R372 400 R6 822.08
Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0TSI 85kW Comfortline R393 000 R7 193.45
Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0TSI 85kW Comfortline R-Line R413 100 R7 556.79
Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0TSI 85kW Highline R428 200 R7 829.80

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What is the Volkswagen T-Cross?

  • World Premiere of the all-new T-Cross: Volkswagen expands its family of SUVs World premiere in Amsterdam, Shanghai and São Paulo: Volkswagen presents its new T-Cross, the company’s first small car SUV, and thereby resolutely continues the offensive it began in 2015.
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Where will the new T-Cross be made?

  • The new TCross will be manufactured in Volkswagen Navarra. The new TCross will be manufactured in Volkswagen Navarra Volkswagen Navarra will manufacture the TCross, the new compact SUV of the Volkswagen brand. This was announced by Dr. Andreas Tostmann, Head of Volkswagen Production & Logistics today.

What is the R-Line T-Cross?

  • The T-Cross 1.kW R-Line is a high-performance compact SUV designed for high-performance people. We believe that the journey should be just as thrilling as getting to your destination. That’s why it’ll take you from 0 –100km/h in 8.5 seconds, smoothly controlled by the iconic 7 speed DSG gearbox.

How does the T-Cross work?

  • The ultra-connected TCross is right on the cutting edge of useful and playful technology. We Connect Go lets your car and your digital world connect through your mobile phone using the Data Plug* . You can charge your mobile wirelessly by simply laying it in the inductive charging tray.

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