What is called reproduction?

What is called reproduction?

What is called reproduction?

What is called reproduction?

Reproduction (or procreation or breeding) is the biological process by which new individual organisms – « offspring » – are produced from their « parent » or parents. Reproduction is a fundamental feature of all known life; each individual organism exists as the result of reproduction.

What is definition of reproduction Class 10?

Reproduction is the process of producing new individuals of the same kind. Organisms reproduce in two ways- asexually and sexually. Asexual reproduction does not involve the fusion of male and female gametes.

What is reproduction and example?

Reproduction is defined as the creation of a copy of something, a copy of something, or the act of sexual intercourse to create an offspring. An example of a reproduction is a copied drawing. noun.

What is reproduce in biology?

In a general sense reproduction is one of the most important concepts in biology: it means making a copy, a likeness, and thereby providing for the continued existence of species.

What is 12th reproduction?

Reproduction is defined as a biological process in which an organism gives rise to young ones (offspring) similar to itself. The offspring grow, mature and in turn produce new offspring. Thus, there is a cycle of birth, growth and death. Reproduction enables the continuity of the species, generation after generation.

What is reproduction and what is its significance?

Reproduction is the process by which new species/organism is produced. Reproduction can be sexual or asexual. Reproduction is essential for the continuation of a species. It ensures the continuation of similar kind of individuals, generation after generation.

What is pollination Class 12?

Pollination: It is the process of transfer of the pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of a flower. … There the pollen germinates and gives rise to the pollen tube, which grows down through the pistil toward one of the ovules in its base.

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What is reproduction and types?

There are two types of reproduction: asexual and sexual reproduction. Though asexual reproduction is faster and more energy efficient, sexual reproduction better promotes genetic diversity through new combinations of alleles during meiosis and fertilization.

What is reproduction in science for Class 4?

Reproduction is the process by which living things produce more of their own kind.

What is the difference between reproduction and reproduce?

As nouns the difference between reproduction and reproductive. is that reproduction is the act of reproducing new individuals biologically while reproductive is (biology) a reproductive organism (especially such as in an insect).

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