What is the saddest Taylor Swift song?

What is the saddest Taylor Swift song?

What is the saddest Taylor Swift song?

What is the saddest Taylor Swift song?

sad taylor swift songs to cry to

  • Untouchable (Taylor’s Version)Taylor Swift.
  • The Moment I Knew (Taylor’s Version)Taylor Swift.
  • Breathe (feat. …
  • Death By A Thousand CutsTaylor Swift.
  • You’re Not Sorry (Taylor’s Version)Taylor Swift.
  • illicit affairsTaylor Swift.
  • Better Man (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)Taylor Swift.

What is Taylor Swift’s most unpopular song?

13 of Taylor Swift’s Most Underrated Songs

  • “Starlight”- RED. …
  • “Better Than Revenge”- Speak Now. …
  • “So It Goes”- reputation. …
  • “The Outside”- Taylor Swift. …
  • “You’re Not Sorry”- Fearless. …
  • “How You Get the Girl”- 1989. …
  • “Sweeter Than Fiction”- from the movie ‘One Chance’ …
  • “The Lucky One” – RED.

Who wrote 22 Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift
ShellbackMax Martin

What age did Taylor Swift make 22?

Swift, 16 when she released her eponymous debut and 22 now, has had one foot in adulthood and one foot in unicorns-and-kittens tweenhood for what seems like forever. It’s a fraught enough transition for anyone, and probably terrifying to contemplate when you’ve made your fortune being a girl.

Are there any Taylor Swift songs that she didn’t write?

Taylor co-authored all of the songs on folklore, primarily with one or both of her co-producers Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff. The only song where she is the sole writer is “My Tears Ricochet”.

Who is the song Last Kiss by Taylor Swift about?

Taylor Swift
Last Kiss/Artistes

Does Taylor Swift have kids?

In July 2020, Swift disclosed the name of the couple’s youngest daughter, Betty, who was born in October 2019, with her Folklore song Betty, which also included the names of Reynolds and Lively’s other two daughters, James, six, and Inez, four.

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How many songs has Taylor Swift written about her exes?

21 Songs
21 Songs Taylor Swift Has Penned About Her Exes.

What are Taylor Swifts best songs?

  • ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ (2017)
  • ‘Wildest Dreams’ (2015)
  • ‘Bad Blood,’ Featuring Kendrick Lamar (2015)
  • ‘Shake It Off’ (2014)
  • ‘Blank Space’ (2014)
  • ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ (2012)
  • ‘Begin Again’ (2012)
  • ‘Back to December’ (2010)
  • ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ (2012)
  • ‘Mine’ (2010)

What is Taylor Swifts new song?

  • Taylor Swift‘s new song,  » Look What You Made Me Do , » isn’t a jab at Katy Perry, it’s meant purely for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Taylor dropped her first single off her upcoming « Reputation » album Thursday night and called out Kanye in the opening verse, where she sings « I don’t like your little games …

What is the Taylor Swift song?

  • Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She signed a record deal with Big Machine Records in 2005 and released her eponymous debut album in 2006. Swift wrote three of the album’s tracks: « Our Song », « Should’ve Said No », and « The Outside ».

What is the song 22?

  • Composition and lyrics. « 22 » is a pop song lasting three minutes and 52 seconds, mainly accompanied by a twangy acoustic guitar, invoking a country pop influence from Taylor Swift’s conventional repertoire. The song is written in the key of G major with a tempo of 104 beats per minute. Swift’s vocals span one and a half octaves, between G3 and D5.

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