What song did Foo Fighters write about Kurt Cobain?

What song did Foo Fighters write about Kurt Cobain?

What song did Foo Fighters write about Kurt Cobain?

What song did Foo Fighters write about Kurt Cobain?

Friend of a Friend
One of those songs ended up being « Friend of a Friend, » which was featured on Foo Fighters’ 2005 album In Your Honor. That’s not the only Foos song that has ties to Grohl’s late bandmate. He also told the outlet that the band’s 2011 song « Walk » was inspired by Cobain’s death.

What genre is Foo Fighters Everlong?

Rock alternatif
Hard rockPost-grungeRock

Is Everlong about Kurt Cobain?

The song, which appeared on In Your Honor, is about Grohl’s observations of Cobain and Novoselic shortly after meeting them. Grohl told Q magazine that he wrote the song when he first arrived in Washington. After one audition, he had moved from Washington D.C. to Olympia, Washington, to join Nirvana.

Did Kurt write songs about Courtney?

Did Kurt Cobain write all of the songs on Hole’s ‘Live Through This’ album? – Quora. Yes, Kurt wrote the vast majority of the music and probably some lyrics (although Courtney’s a decent lyricist).

What are the whispers in Everlong?

The Foo Fighters newsgroup used to have an FAQ section stating the murmurs were separate tracks of Grohl reading from three different passages — one a love letter, another from a technical manual and the final a story about a studio technician’s father.

What overlong means?

Definition of overlong (Entry 1 of 2) : longer than usual or necessary : excessively long an overlong meeting/speech overlong sleeves an overlong chapter working overlong hours The film feels overlong and a bit repetitious …—

What does the song Everlong by Foo Fighters mean?

  • Song Meaning: Everlong by Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters is the rock n’ roll band that rose from the ashes of Nirvana . Dave Grohl , the former drummer of Nirvana, determined to continue with his own music after the extinction of Nirvanamania.
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What kind of music is the Foo Fighters?

  • Foo Fighters have been described as grunge, alternative rock, post-grunge and hard rock. When Grohl first started the band, its music was often compared to that of his previous group, Nirvana . Grohl acknowledged that Nirvana singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain was a major influence on his songwriting.

Who are the members of the band the Foo Fighters?

  • Foo Fighters have won eleven Grammy Awards. The current members of the band are Dave Grohl (singer), Nate Mendel (bass guitar), Taylor Hawkins (drums) and Pat Smear (guitar). Before Grohl was a member of Foo Fighters, he was the drummer for the popular grunge band, Nirvana.

How many Foo Fighters albums are there?

  • Foo Fighters discography. The discography of Foo Fighters, an American rock band formed in 1994 by Dave Grohl , consists of nine studio albums, four extended plays (EPs), six video albums, and 36 singles.

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