Who originally sang Lovesick Blues?

Who originally sang Lovesick Blues?

Who originally sang Lovesick Blues?

Who originally sang Lovesick Blues?

Penned by Tin Pan Alley songwriters Cliff Friend and Irving Mills, Hank Williams‘ version of “Lovesick Blues” was actually released 27 years after the tune first debuted in the 1922 musical Oh, Ernest, sung by mezzo-soprano singer and actress Anna Chandler and titled “I’ve Got the Love-Sick Blues.” The first commercial …

Did Hank write Lovesick Blues?

Cliff Friend
Lovesick Blues/Compositeurs
Ironically, “Lovesick Blues,” so identified with Hank Williams and with country music, wasn’t written by Williams and, originally, wasn’t even a country song. “Lovesick Blues” was composed in the 1920s by tunesmiths Cliff Friend and Irving Mills.

Who sang Lovesick Blues in the 1940s?

Emmett Miller recorded it in 19, followed by country music singer Rex Griffin in 1939….Lovesick Blues.

« Lovesick Blues »
Released Febru
Recorded Decem
Studio Herzog Studio, Cincinnati
Genre Hillbilly, Honky-tonk, Country blues

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What instruments are in Lovesick Blues?

Instrumentation: Note the use of acoustic guitar, fiddle, and bass fiddle. These are common to the region, including the Appalachian Mountain region. So it is no wonder that Hank Williams adopted the same format, as did Elvis Presley in his early career.

When did Hank Williams pass away?

Hank Williams/Date de décès
Hank Williams. Hank Williams, byname of Hiram Williams, also called the Hillbilly Shakespeare, (born Septem, Georgiana, Alabama, U.S.—died Janu, Oak Hill, West Virginia), American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who in the 1950s arguably became country music’s first superstar.

Who wrote Hank Williams song Lovesick Blues?

Hank Williams
Irving Mills
Lovesick Blues/Paroliers

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Who did Hank Williams marry?

Billie Jean Hortonm. 1952–1953
Audrey Williamsm. 1944–1952
Hank Williams/Époux

Why was lovesick blues written?

« I was a fighter pilot in the First World War at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. I was impressed by the lovesick boys who left their young wives and sweethearts for the service, blue, » Friend later recalled. « I had been writing songs since I was 12. So I wrote ‘Lovesick Blues.

What was Hank Williams worth when he died?

Hank Williams, Sr. passed away on Janu at 29 years old….Hank Williams Net Worth.

Net Worth: $100 Thousand
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession: Musician, Singer-songwriter, Author
Nationality: United States of America

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Did Tom Hiddleston sing in I Saw the Light?

For his role as Hank Williams in the upcoming biopic I Saw the Light, actor Tom Hiddleston worked with singer-songwriter and Williams acolyte Rodney Crowell to master the country legend’s singing style. Ahead of the April 1st release of the film, Hiddleston’s vocals are on display on the movie’s official soundtrack.

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